Case Study – Being All Things to All People…and Being Ineffective

One of the absolute biggest mistakes leaders make is that they think they’re supposed to be good at everything.

A client in a small business has a boss, the owner, who only delegates the smallest details. So the team is in chaos and is disengaged.

He acts out, sharing his frustration with vendors and clients on the phone, where his team can hear him.

Basically, he thinks that being the boss means you know everything better.

This is an enormous waste of resources.

But SO. MANY. PROFESSIONALS do a version of this.

What’s the answer?

Realize that what you bring to the table is enough. Not a single one of us is supposed to do everything well.

To understand more, take a look at the Social Style, or the Myers-Briggs, or Strengths Finder.

And when you do, look at your strengths, then spend some time looking at the other strengths. The ones you aren’t good at.

Then, delegate the things that don’t energize you to the people who are good at them.

Your team will be engaged, you will get to focus on what energizes you, and lots, lots more will get done.

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