The Inner Critic is Messing with Us Right Now

Feeling like your team is steering a large ship through molasses?

You aren’t the only one.

In my online classes, participants are at an all-time peak of having their cameras turned off — they’re exhausted.

And I’m hearing a funny sort of reluctant whining from clients.

It’s as if they feel guilty about their exhaustion.

That is the inner critic. It’s a sneaky bugger. It says, “Covid’s over. Things are back. What’s your issue? Just get on with it.”

And it blinds us to the reality that it takes longer than we think to recover from life’s big challenges.

Plus we’ve changed. So the target has shifted.

In these moments it’s so important to pay attention to emotional and spiritual life.  

This week I listened to a podcast by Tara Brach. I did it during my morning walk. And before I knew it I was looking in wonder at the tree leaves shimmering in the light.

So healing.

When we shift from trying to dig our way out by DOING, to slowing down and being with where we actually are, things get easier.

So slow down, listen to some of your favorite music from way back when. Or meditate.

And then think about your new target. How has the last year and a half changed you?  What have you learned that you want to take forward?

You have the wisdom to guide yourself, and those around you, through this moment.


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