A Strange Thought That’s Super Relevant Right Now

There’s a feeling in the air right now and I see it everywhere — with clients, my friends, even on the news.  

People are desperate to pursue their post-Covid bliss, but are in a lingering funk.

What makes it worse is that people try to escape the funk by forcing themselves through it, which is the least effective way to move ahead.

It’s the same thing when you’re trying to motivate your team out of a funk. It’s far more effective when someone acknowledges their team’s thoughts and feelings without denying the feelings or shaming the person.

That acknowledgment gives people a little hit of confidence and makes them want to perform.

They can then trust their intuition, which is also the voice of inner wisdom.

And that’s where the magic happens. Ideas. Connection. Innovation.

That little gesture of seeing people is key to psychological safety. Psychological safety isn’t just about not yelling or blaming when something doesn’t go right.

It’s about seeing people, and their wisdom.

So the best thing you can do if some of your team members are in this funk, is to just meet them where they are. See them. If someone says, “Ugh, we’re going in circles,” try to avoid fixing it with hyper positivity, or expressing frustration with their lack of grit.  

This small shift can do wonders for getting your team through their funk, gracefully, and getting them back on track.

And they will thank you.

All my best,

Tifin Dillon - Use Astrology for Your Leadership Style

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