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Anger is in the Air

There’s a lot in the air. Hope, relief, inspiration returning, the joy of being with friends. I also haven’t perceived such collective anger since the one-year anniversary of 9/11 in New York.  I remember noticing that people were snapping at each other and shoving their way to the front getting on the subway.   Why …

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On my morning walks in Riverside Park, there is a homeless man who kneels in meditation, his shopping cart next to him full of his possessions. This man is so perfectly still. His energy seems to emanate so that when I walk by, I automatically slow down like I’ve entered some energy vortex. Around the …

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Create A Safe Space

Create a Safe Space (and avoid disaster when your team ramps up post-Covid)

Here’s something ironic.This year the safety of home actually messed up the safe space of the office. What I mean is that we’re all a bit out of shape when it comes to office dynamics. I’m starting to hear anxiety about how things will go when we all go back. SNL even did a funny skit about …

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Are You Self-Made?

From Horatio Algers to some of our recent presidents, the idea of starting life in adversity and reaching the heights of success is at the core of American mythology. So what do you do if you grew up in a stable home with parents who had a successful life? I was thinking about it recently …

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