I to the 4th Power Programs

Team Clarity

For companies that want to perform better

Maybe you’ve recruited great talent, but, instead of high-five enthusiasm, your team feels stressed out and you don’t know why. Maybe your team is getting things done, but their egos clash and they just don’t collaborate. Maybe the results are great but their burnout levels are downright toxic.

In this program, we’ll help you zero in on exactly what’s in the way of your team’s effectiveness. Then we’ll train your team on the tools that are most relevant to their situation. Are you ready for stronger teams that can solve today’s bigger, more complex challenges?

Leadership Clarity

Private, focused mentorship for your high-potential, or senior and C-Suite, high-level performers

If you’re like a lot of companies today, you’re finding that your leaders have spent most of their career in lean organizations, where it’s difficult to find the guidance of a strong mentor.

They’re experiencing high-cost high performance  –  They’re great at what they do, but maybe they find that leading a team isn’t so easy. Or maybe they’re struggling with getting noticed in the right ways, and getting to the next level. Or… maybe they’ve gotten there, but are suffering from imposter syndrome.

Leadership Clarity makes their confidence soar. We get very clear on their strengths and contributions, so you know where they add value. They discover the tools to manage their teams and their career. They are more mature and poised, make a stronger impact with senior leadership, and expand their contribution to the organization.

Ready for more confident leaders whose teams deliver the results you hired them for?

Leadership and Career Clarity

For organizations that want to support middle managers to become strong leaders

Would you like to maximize scarce resources, build loyalty and help your best managers create a network so they can be more effective as they rise in the organization? 

Maybe you’d like your managers to be more productive, more motivated or more mature. Maybe you’d like to reduce turnover, especially for your best talent. Maybe you’d like your managers to take more initiative so that you can get more of your own work done.

Leadership and Career Clarity is a comprehensive group leadership development program for middle managers.  It helps your emerging leaders gain confidence by understanding their contribution, communicating for influence, making better decisions, and bouncing back faster from setbacks.

Ready for a stable of strong middle managers who are poised to become powerful leaders?

Programs for Individuals

For individuals who want to develop a longer-term plan for their career

Career Clarity

Whether you are just starting out or several years into your career, do you find yourself wishing you had an experienced mentor?

Maybe you’re burnt out because you don’t have a team that you can trust.  You’re getting feedback about your management style that you just don’t understand.  Or you’re just fed up and ready to leave because you can’t seem to get recognized and promoted for what you do.

Career Clarity makes your confidence skyrocket. We get very clear on your strengths and contribution, so you know where you add value. You discover the tools to manage your team and your career.  You position yourself to make a stronger impact with senior leadership and leverage your contribution, so you can move ahead.

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