Career Clarity

Discover the tools to greater focus, effectiveness and balance, so you can enjoy calm and confidence as you create the career you want.

You’ve done the right things.  Your resume looks good…impressive even.  But that doesn’t mean you always feel confident, focused or like you’ve found your True North.  You can leave things to chance, hoping they’ll work themselves out – but maybe there’s a better way.  That will help you fulfill your potential … and let you enjoy the journey.

In today’s ever changing, high intensity workplace, performance can come at a heavy personal cost. You may be doing well, but you’re burned out.  Or you aren’t getting the recognition and advancement you want.  Or you’re too often in a bad mood, working with people who frustrate and disappoint you.

Even the most successful professionals need to assess where they are at critical moments in their career. At these moments, getting the tools to take charge provides the certainty that you are on the right path.  So you can focus, be recognized for your strengths, and enjoy your journey and your achievements.

Why did we develop Career Clarity?

After years of working with high-potential individuals, and being one myself, I realized that high performers struggle with issues that can sabotage their strengths. 

  • They may struggle with confidence, even if they’ve demonstrated high achievement for years.

  • They may grow defensive when things don’t go their way.

  • And they may labor under the weight of a harsh Inner Critic, that pushes them to do too much and burnout.

Career Clarity provides the tools to manage what we call High-Cost High-Performance issues, so that you can fulfill your potential, deliver the results you want, and enjoy the path along the way.

Career Clarity is for you if:

  • You want the benefits your powerful performance offers, without the frustration that can accompany it.

  • You want to feel in charge of your career, instead of leaving things to chance.

  • You’ve been to leadership development courses but would still benefit from one-on-one attention.

  • You’re in a dysfunctional situation that’s impacting your career or well-being and you need support to see things clearly.

How are we able to achieve the results our clients ask for?

Clear Strategy Coaching’s unique I To The 4th Power Methodology provides a powerful tool box to build your confidence by weaving in four foundational principles:

Impact: We hear about Strengths all the time. What most people don’t do is connect those strengths to their impact on others. When people understand how they contribute to their team and the organization, their confidence soars.

Influence: Sugarcoating feedback, pretending things are fine but hiding mounting resentment: these things happen because people don’t understand interpersonal interaction. However, when employees learn how to influence others, they feel more control over their destiny. Stress levels go down, confidence goes up, and individuals and teams are more open to the feedback that will improve their performance.

Initiative: We hear “I’m a perfectionist” a lot these days. But really, perfectionism is a way to avoid taking a risk that could lead to unwanted feedback or, worse, failure. And talented leaders who won’t take risks cost organizations valuable resources. Teaching leaders to take risks, and learn from whatever the outcome, builds essential resilience.

Innovation: When leaders have the confidence that comes with self-awareness and the ability to navigate their relationships with others, they can work together with a deep sense of trust. And trust is the foundation of the collaboration that lets leaders solve bigger challenges. In today’s competitive business environment, trust lets teams deliver extraordinary results.

With I to the 4th Power as its foundation, the Career Clarity program has been designed from the ground up to help you achieve greater focus, effectiveness and balance.  So you actually have calm and confidence in how you manage your biggest career challenges.

What happens when you sign on for Career Clarity?

  • You gain confidence and agency.  You know how to contribute your best, get recognized by the right people, and have a line of sight for your future.

  • You increase your focus. You clarify your vision and create a roadmap so that performing well doesn’t cost you so much energy.

  • Relationships improve.  You’re able to influence others with more ease, feel powerful collaboration and have more fun.

  • Your talents become more visible.  You are more prepared to succeed as a high-level leader in the organization.

The complete Career Clarity Program includes:

  • The Career Clarity curriculum — a suite of selected tools, sequenced to drive transformation and build confidence.

  • One 90-minute deep dive discovery session to assess strengths and weaknesses and determine goals for the work.

  • Individual assessments that deliver key insights on your leadership style.

  • 12 Private 1:1 session(s).

  • Action plan to build accountability.

  • Unlimited email access to coach and emergency calls as needed.

Are you ready for the confidence and ease that actually improves your performance? With Career Clarity you find your path, and the tools, to have the career you want.

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