Even with a record of success and a motivated team, there’s a moment where — if you want to go to the next level — you need to understand who you are as a leader and how to communicate it effectively. Claire helps you do that. She has the tools and she’s worked in complex corporate environments, so she gets it. Claire helps you take ownership of your success, savor it, and understand how the power of thought can help or hurt you. She keeps you on track with your goals, challenges you and never stops believing in you.

Emilie Poisson

General Manager YSL Beauté L”Oréal USA

Claire speaks our employees’ language, making her extremely effective in her work with us. Claire normalizes the human challenges an organization can face, making it easy to learn, change and move forward. She is a fantastic partner and we love working with her.

Jerry Vittoria

Vice President/General Manager Fine Fragrances North America, Firmenich

When I started with Claire I was good at the technical aspects of our work, but knew I needed to let go and empower my team. The most amazing thing was to discover that I could tap into my emotions and be human… while still being an effective and respected leader. (Today we have more camaraderie and culture, we are more open to giving and receiving feedback, and the team is more accountable). If you’re eager to develop as a leader and unlock the potential of your team – this is the best investment you can make for yourself and your business!

Huanne. Hughes

The Clear Strategy seminars on vision and communication gave our teams the tools to work thoughtfully and effectively, particularly through challenging times of change.

Gia Griffith

Vice President Global Product Management American Express
Claire provides excellent programming for Columbia Business School alumni. She is full of relevant ideas, and works with us to find the best approach for a given program. My role is to provide valuable leadership development content to CBS alumni, and Claire meets us in the latest thought leadership. She understands the underlying needs of our alums and crafts programming that provides actionable support. She is a joy to work with!

Nancy Johnston

Director Alumni Career Management Columbia Business School

It’s simple. With the insights you gain working with Claire, you become a better version of yourself — more effective and more confident.

Joanne Kennedy

Global Account Manager International Flavors and Fragrances

Claire’s support and guidance helped me through a huge career transition. I needed a seasoned outside perspective to help me create a clear, actionable plan to take my career to the next level. The confidence that she instilled in me helped me realize the value of the work experience I bring to the table, find my voice, and overall just ‘own it.’ I feel so confident that I’ve found the right fit. Run, don’t walk to work with Claire! You will see value in your skill set and you will discover new value in your skill set and leave feeling more empowered to be your best self.

Ildiko Juhasz

Interparfums Inc

I started working with Claire while I was in a very frustrating job—I knew I needed a change but was unsure of how to go about making one. Claire started our process by focusing on me as a person, delving into my priorities and preferences in different facets of life. From there, we were able to narrow down the types of roles and fields that made sense for me to pursue. Her personal touch and genuine interest in my wellbeing stood out most throughout our sessions, and I landed in a great role.


Claire sees opportunity and helps me imagine possibilities that I would never see on my own. Her straightforward approach reflects a deep interest in helping people in both their personal and professional development. She’s an enthusiastic and tenacious partner during any quest for change, yet she never fails in her empathy when things don’t go as planned. I’ve loved working with her and appreciate her insights both into our business and the human skills it takes to succeed.

V.P. Human Resources

The work I did with Claire was a life-changer. The exercises revealed my passions, helping me to see my inherent skillset clearly. I developed my personal brand with confidence and authenticity, leading to a satisfying career with a doubled salary. Claire’s insight and guidance as I found my path made the difference.

Sara Johnson

Digital Project Manager Lucky Brand
Claire has been a CEW Young Executive presenter on several occasions. What we love about Claire is that she inspires our members with possibilities for the future, while connecting them with practical strategies on how to get there. She is like a cheerleader for our members and her impact is felt in the very positive feedback we get. Working with Claire is a pleasure. She brings us ideas on trends in coaching and partners with us to hit the right tone and topic. She is poised, professional and reliable, and we love working with her!

Liz Bonofiglio

Senior Director, Programs & Events Cosmetic Executive Women
I have worked with coaches in the past and never have I connected as well as with Claire. She is patient, authentic and has an amazing ability to “dance in the moment” and is able to find a flow in every situation. Claire is a true professional and has mastered her craft. I am always amazed at how she is able to introduce the perfect tool/resource to whatever challenge we may be working thru. When I work with Claire, I feel totally comfortable, completely engaged and am always able to be myself without the feeling of any judgement. Claire celebrates my victories and sets me on the right path when I begin to get lost. I can’t say enough about how blessed I have been by working with Claire.

Kiki Bandilla

Event Promoter
From initial meeting to 360 assessment and reports, coaching and follow through, Claire makes the coaching process an easy partnership. For the individual and the organization, she stays focused on results. Claire worked with us to find the most efficient path for coaching and was a fantastic resource every step of the way.

Nicole Harrington

Director Talent Acquisition and Development Winged Keel Group
When I started working with Claire, I was in a rut, wondering why I was stalled and trying to understand the root of my inertia. Working with Claire, I discovered that the answers were inside me all the time. Claire helped me shift perspective, see myself through a new lens. I became more positive and engaged at work. I left my frustration at the door, and have been much more confident in my interactions with clients and colleagues. Being effective is not just deciding what you want and going for it; for me, it’s knowing who I AM and who I WANT TO BE. I would definitely tell everyone to go get a coach!

Douglas Riccardi

Memo Productions
Claire’s presentation was fantastic! At WFFC, we are always looking for the newest thinking in leadership development. Claire’s presentation was completely interactive, which made it fun and much more memorable for us. And, because of Claire’s corporate background, she gets how to make it truly relevant. She was able to give us tangible ways to use the skills she taught us, and we have been using them ever since. If anyone asked me about having Claire as a presenter, I would say, “Yes, right away!”

Celine Roche

President Women in Flavor and Fragrance Commerce
Prior to working with Claire, I knew I wanted to make changes in my life. I had many career ambitions, many personal dreams, many ‘what if’ and ‘I wish I could’ conversations with myself. Through working with Claire, I found clarity. Professionally, I was offered a raise and promotion at work within only two months of working with Claire. Within three months of working with Claire, I started my own business. Personally, I was 37 and not meeting any quality men. I thought I would never find someone I liked and within three months I finally started attracting and meeting the guys I always wanted. Fast forward another five months and I was engaged and planning my wedding!


Cosmetics Marketing
When we were looking for coaching, Claire brought us the right team for the job. Starting with a 360 assessment, I got a real understanding about the disconnect between my perspective and my colleagues’. That awareness gave me what I needed to become a better leader and mentor. I now know where to focus my energy and how to improve at bring out the best in our team. My goal as a leader is to bring consistent positive energy and enable my team to have success and be recognized.

Eric Naison-Phillips

Principal Winged Keel Group

Claire has a way of connecting with different teams, across several divisions of our organization.  She knows how to build trust, open communication and help a team connect to their larger mission.  The teams Claire has worked with are able to leverage their passion, collaborate and deliver results with less stress.


Talent, Global Communications Company
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