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Claire Steichen


I hear the same frustrating issues all the time. Managers lose key team members and don’t know why. They recruit high performers hoping that a track record of achievement will mean the person knows how to self-manage, but instead get fragile employees or lack of engagement.  Those same employees are distracted because even though they’re working hard, they don’t always know how to communicate their needs.

My approach to supporting managers and their reports was born of my own experience. In my 20’s I was a high performer. I went to a top business school, then got a job at a Fortune 100 multi-national and was promoted within a year. Yet I was vulnerable. After a re-org that left me full of self doubt and feeling that I’d gotten the short end of the stick, I started looking for another job.

And that new job wasn’t a great fit.

You see, I hadn’t wanted to leave the first job; I just didn’t know how to speak up without sounding like a complainer. I wish my manager had taken the time to see that I was struggling on the inside.  And I wish that I’d had the tools to communicate about what I wanted. I would have stayed, and continued to be engaged and motivated.  

That manager-employee connection is why I do the work I do today. Because once I learned how to communicate effectively, and once I had a boss who knew how to talk with me, we hit it out of the park and delivered extraordinary results for our company. 
I understand my clients and their needs because I’ve been in
their shoes.

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