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Who Was Your “Devil?”

I don’t know if it’s a New York fashion and cosmetics thing, but most people I know have had a “Devil.”   Mine was so harsh in meetings, that when we’d leave my colleague would say, “Oh, sweetie, I can see your two black eyes.” Morally beaten down, and totally, totally disengaged. You probably think …

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Engage Your Team

Engage Your Team

The organizations I work with want to build resilient teams that can manage the headwinds of today’s tough workplace, and deliver the results the company needs to survive. To that end, what I hear regularly is a version of, “Let’s share our survey results and talk together about what we need to address.” I agree …

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When Work Becomes a Calling

When Work Becomes a Calling

A recent conversation with a client who was struggling to see her value went like this:Me: “You turned around a failing team and that nearly doubled the business.”Client: “I just don’t see it. I just followed the obvious strategy. It was so clear.”Me: “Was it?  Three people before you couldn’t see it.”Client: <silence>Then I suggested the …

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Generational Differences

Generational Differences

I don’t often write about boomers versus millennials, but I’ve been watching “Hacks” and I’m fascinated. Of course, it has the easy tropes, where the Gen Z character orders matcha green tea with oat milk. But one episode had two older women joking about surviving harassment by male club managers, while the younger saw their …

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The Power Of Positive Feedback

The Power Of Positive Feedback

Every time I read “The Happiness Advantage” I become momentarily obsessed. What popped out at me this last time is around positive feedback. You see, most coaches and trainers focus on delivering difficult feedback because people are terrified of confrontation. But I am ready to shift what I teach on the subject…always learning! Consider this …

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Treat the System, Not the Symptoms

Treat the System-Not the Symptoms

This year I will be delivering my I to the 4th Power program to close to 300 people. That’s pretty exciting. It’s also a fantastic resource to understand what corporate professionals are dealing with. Here are the sorts of things I get asked about most: Time management, to be more productive   Burnout (from the …

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The Success Hangover

A few weeks ago I went on a retreat weekend with four other entrepreneurs. We strategized, solved each one’s business issues, ate, drank, swam, enjoyed the spa and laughed a lot. It was the feel-good event of the season!Two days later I was ready to shut down my practice and leave the rat race for …

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A Demotivating Remark To Avoid

“We’re not curing cancer.” It’s something I heard a lot working in the beauty business.   “First world problems!” is another one you hear. Makes sense. Managers want to relativize situations that feel stressful or overwhelming. The trouble is that it also says, “Your problems aren’t important,” or “The work you do has no meaning,” …

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