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Harnessing Your Team’s Creativity

Last week my friend Karen Sachs and I had a trunk show to present her new line of handbags. We had a pretty small turnout, so I should have been disappointed. But somehow I didn’t feel that way. Why? This article on behavioral activation might explain it. Sometimes just doing something, especially in the direction of what you …

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Progress on Bambi Legs

After weeks of hearing variations on burnout, last week saw a wave of green blossoms on the tree branch — pent up positive, productive energy that wants to find an outlet. I’m calling it progress, or hope, on Bambi legs. We’re ready to move ahead. So ready, we’re practically bursting. So how do you harness …

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Managing teams through crisis

Managing Teams Through Crisis

Last week I caught up with a client I worked with last year. She’s doing great. She’s had a huge shift in energy that was a joy to see. She had hired me because she wanted to up-level her leadership skills. She’s a star performer who’d enjoyed multiple promotions and once created her own job …

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How Resolutions Lead to Burnout…and How to Avoid it in 2022

I have powerful hyper-achiever and restless saboteurs. They conspire to make me want to do GREAT THINGS….NOW!! Needless to say, the new year is a trigger-happy time for these two. Maybe you can relate. You want to reach goals. So you hit it hard in January. But pretty soon the pressure, plus the doubt about whether you’ll get …

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