Is 89% enough?


Looking through my eclipse glasses and seeing the beginnings of the moon block the sun was breathtaking.

So I went to one of the benches in the median on Broadway near my home. And waited.

I was waiting for Totality, the moment when the moon would completely cover the sun.

The day would get dark. Dogs on leashes would become agitated and bark.

But once I saw the moon slide off to the left, without ever completely covering the sun, I thought to myself, “Oh!….THIS is why people are driving to the Midwest.

In New York City, the moon was only ever going to cover 89% of the sun.

Then I thought, “Ach. This is how it is for me right now.” I’m moving too fast with work and kids, to have the luxury of paying 100% attention to everything.

The message is…don’t get stuck in paralysis by trying to do everything 100%.

Prioritize, focus on those priorities, and let the rest be good enough.

Because there is too much learning on the other side of action.

When you and your team take action, you deepen the knowledge and expertise in your areas of focus.

And if things go wrong, there’s always feedback!

A loop of trial, error and learning builds resilience. And resilience makes us more open to the learning that opens up innovation.

Now that I know how spectacular eclipse Totality can be, I’ll be ready for 2044.

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