Be Present to the Gifts Around You



Going through the college application process with my daughter, it’s easy to get sucked into thinking, “When she gets into the right college, everything will be great.”

It’s what Shrizad Chamine refers to as the Saboteur criticizing circumstances.

It reminds me of how much my clients, ambitious professionals (You!), postpone gratification to reach goals.

Growth is great, but not when postponing gratification gets confused with criticizing circumstances.

Then you get into a burnout scenario. Fatigue, lack of joy, loss of confidence and difficulty seeing a positive outcome.

To avoid that, remember to take breaks along the way, to take stock of the good you “are” and do, and enjoy life’s pleasures.

Friends, nature, exercise, food, helping others — we deserve these things and they are all ways to restore.

Most importantly, be where you are and meet others where they are.

Growth is much easier when you start from there.

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