Tech Leadership Debt


A friend in Tech recently shared the idea of Tech Debt.

Basically, tech companies have to invest in infrastructure that works — for now.

Different than traditional obsolescence, this infrastructure will actually require investment to undo down the road.

We played with applying the concept to the work I do.

Basically, the Leadership approach that worked “back in the day” was often, but not exclusively, “Command and Control.”

The approach may have been right in a lot of circumstances, but today it’s kind of obsolete.

And it takes investment to upgrade.

I guess you could call it Leadership Debt (though if you can find a catchier term, please LMK).

Today’s middle managers want mentoring, but they want it to be authentic, transparent and respectful.

When I deliver my leadership training to middle managers, I always give their supervisors a pre-program briefing.

I started doing this at the request of one of my clients.

Because smart companies know about the Leadership Debt — that it’s not just about training future leaders; it’s about retraining today’s leaders.

And here’s a peak behind the curtain.

In the supervisor briefings, I can’t tell you the number of senior leaders who say, “I wish I could take this course!”

Does your organization have Leadership Debt?

It’s worth exploring. With some investment at multiple levels, you could increase collaboration, efficiency and productivity.

And take your innovation and competitiveness off the charts.

My best,

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