Set Yourself Free in 2019

“I saw the angel in the marble, and carved until I set him free.”
This quote makes me weak in the knees. What exquisite beauty in this simple shift:  Being your best self is not about pushing to be someone else, but supporting the person in you who already exists and wants to be freed. From that perspective:
  • Resolving to eat and drink less, exercise more and sleep better keep body and mind healthy.  That encourages positive thinking and reduces self-doubt.
  • Meditation and spiritual practice keep you in the space of abundance, not scarcity, and that helps grow confidence.
  • Tending to interpersonal dynamics with emotional intelligence increase trust and influence.  That helps promote healthy boundaries, reduce defensiveness, and improve collaboration.
What would 2019 look like if you could free the angel inside?  That is worth a little sweat.
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