Welcome to the Clarity Conversations: Tifin Dillon of Your Stellar Life


What if you didn’t have to push so hard to get things done. What if work could feel more like riding the wave. Today I speak with Tifin Dillon, founder of Your Stellar Life.  In addition to her studies in astrology, psychology, human development and metaphysics, Tifin worked for decades as a teacher and coach. I know this is different for me! — usually, I play in the world of clinical and academic models. What I love about Tifin’s perspective is that it is so good for those of us with workaholic tendencies. If I feel stuck or exhausted, I check in with Tifin and she says, “Yeah, forget that for now. The alignments are going a different way. Just let it be and come back to it next week.” And sure enough, the productivity returns as she predicted. I get to pause, and the work still gets done. Magic!

See our Clarity Conversation by clicking here.

If you are interested in how Tifin’s work can help your career, go to her website: https://www.tifindillon.com Here you can sign up to talk to Tifin, sign-up for her newsletter or download her 2019 Astrological Guide (with webinar).

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