Can Confidence Make You a More Generous Person?

Can Confidence Make You a More Generous Person?

Several years ago, frustrated with the suffocating materialism of Christmas in New York City, I did a little research to understand where it all comes from. Here’s what I learned. In the northern hemisphere, the harvest was complete in October/November, providing an abundance of produce. Snow would be blanketing the fields until March or April, so there was only enough hay for a portion of the herd, and many animals were slaughtered.  The days were short and cold.  Lights and evergreens were used to represent hope.  Gathering and sharing the excess food built community.  Even caroling was a way to check on the elderly and those who are alone.  

What does this have to do with your confidence?  It’s like this.  Gremlins have a way of getting us caught up in our own heads.  And when we do that, we can feel less than, become frustrated by perceived injustice, become judgmental of others…the list goes on.  What if you could feel good and strong, accomplished and at peace. Then, it’s easier to give others the benefit of the doubt, see beyond action to intention, and just have more time and energy for others. Confidence isn’t just about feeling good; it’s a gift to others.

This year, why not boost your confidence by looking back at your accomplishments, all that you learned, and the gift you give to others when you are at your best.  Here is my year-end appreciative inquiry:

Part 1:
– What went well this year?  What top 10 things energized you and gave you confidence?
– What was the impact of those accomplishments? On you, your team, other key stakeholders, on long-term plans?
– Why is it important?  Which of your, or your team’s strengths, we’re leveraged?
– What did you overcome?  What did you learn from the things that didn’t go well?

Part 2:
– What will next year look like if you build on what went well this year?
– What goals can you identify each quarter that would get you there?

Here’s wishing you peace and abundance this holiday season.

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