Most Hybrid Work Strategies are Ignoring This Crucial Piece

Hybrid work strategies that will support teams in six months aren’t right for this moment.

Let me explain. 

A lot of my clients are scrambling to crack the code on hybrid teams. They’re reviewing communication platforms, agreeing to rules of engagement for meetings, deciding which work to do in-person and at home… and they’re looking at the all important self-care.  

It’s great that companies are thinking self-care. The problem is that committing to a monthly mani-pedi isn’t enough for this moment. We’ve gone from emergency, to extended lockdown, to tentative re-emergence.  And that takes a toll.

So how do you, and your team, get your groove back?  

Step one is to realize that everyone’s been affected. We’ve been saying there’s no “back to normal” for a while; now the rubber is meeting the road and it’s time to define what “next” looks like.  

Step two is to be a little brave. Most people’s world narrowed over the last year and a half. Less travel, less socializing, kids got older and their world didn’t expand as it should have. It’s time to reclaim some of the things we treasure most.

Step three is to dream again. When the world narrowed, a lot of dreams went on hold without our realizing it. Take a walk, visit a museum, go to a concert or go on a road trip. Connect with some creative energy and let yourself daydream.

The net/net is that your team (and you) probably need a jump-start right now. Or maybe some extra TLC. It won’t be this way forever, but getting it right now will pay off in spades.

If you or your organization are working on how to optimize your hybrid work teams, schedule a time to talk.


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