Confidence and Faith

Does it ever feel like you are working too hard? Like you are boiling the ocean trying to get people to do what you want, to make things happen in a certain order so everything works out? There’s something about letting go that can feel like a con, “If I let go, things will fall apart.” It doesn’t have to be like that.
Writing this series on confidence, I realized I’d left something out. Yes, there are practical tools to feel confident as you interact with others. There’s another dimension to confidence that’s about trust or faith. It says, “Whatever the ups and downs, things will be OK.” I see it like this:

  • Nature made you with the parts and pieces required to be effective. No kidding.
  • Whatever your beliefs, there’s a flow of stuff happening way beyond any one person’s control, then
  • Surrendering means trusting that the more you relax and do your thing, the easier things are

If you are ambitious, this might be particularly appealing. It says that you don’t need to push so hard; things are going to evolve at their own pace, so trust that current circumstances won’t clobber you, learn from the suffering as well as the joys, and go and enjoy life. This week, would you spend a  few minutes on this spiritual side of confidence?  Whether you practice a religion, meditate, exercise, or go for walks in nature. Just spend some time getting perspective.

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