The Real Trick to Finding Your True North

I’m in my 20’s and I have a dream. I’ve been working in the perfume business for a few years, and I know that people are fascinated by the stories of where fragrance ingredients come from. My daydreaming goes something like this, “Claire, you are going to write an amazing best-seller that is a fragrance tour of the world.  It will be THE book that everyone must have. You will travel to Indonesia for clove and nutmeg, Madagascar for vanilla, the South of France for lavender and rose. A company will give you a year’s expenses just to travel and write.”

I’m so certain my idea will get stolen that I keep it a tight secret. And it stays with me for years as I ride the ups and downs of a job that I don’t love. Finally, a close friend says, “Claire, why don’t you just choose one ingredient and do the trip? If it’s real, things will take off from there. If it’s just a dream, you will burst the bubble and free up a ton of energy.”

Excited and nervous, I get on a plane to Bali, then to the Banda Islands. I pick clove and nutmeg from trees.  I snorkel in the most beautiful reefs I’ve ever seen, and I have dinner and local beer with a group of Australian sailors. It’s an amazing trip.

And I write absolutely not a single word of my book.

Bubble burst.


Sound familiar?  I hear stories like this all the time. Have you ever had a dream of quitting to teach surfing in Cost Rica? or to start a jewelry line that will be carried at Bergdorf Goodman? Be honest….

Thing is, divine inspiration is not generally enough to sustain motivation about work (sorry to burst your bubble). What waiting for divine inspiration does is to keep you in a cycle of good weeks and bad weeks, and putting off the career strategy work that will actually move you towards being happy. The work that will help you clarify the path forward so you can focus, reduce overwhelm, and find the energy you crave (I know I did) to really apply yourself.

My three-step process to finding your True North is what I’m going to talk about in my new free webinar…

The Confidence Toolkit:  How to Have Confidence in Every Situation, from Navigating Your Career to Inspiring Your Team
January 28th @ 6PM Eastern
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In this virtual workshop, you will discover…

  • The key to figuring out your actual dream job
  • The one thing most people do that doesn’t work, and how to avoid it
  • How to talk about what you want, so the people who can help you actually listen
We’ll also have plenty of time for open Q&A, so you can ask me about YOUR specific work situation or challenges

Why am I calling it the “Confidence Toolkit?”

Because confidence isn’t something magical you just “have” or don’t have. It has parts and it gets built.

It’s hard to get the outcome you want when you don’t know what those parts are.

Take the first step to figuring out your path to confidence. Join me.

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