One Antidote to Hybrid Work Drag

Yesterday my friend Valerie sent me a video that blew my mind — it completely explained the last year and a half.

It turns out that while optimism is a powerful force for well-being, there’s something equally powerful that we overlook: Flow, closely related to joy.

In this video, Adam Grant, famous for making “languishing” a household word explains that Mastery, Mindfulness and Mattering are key to feeling motivated.

And as most companies are working on figuring out how to stay productive in a hybrid setting, tools to fight languishing can be a powerful antidote to burnout.

Flow explains why during the first months of Covid, even though I was scared I felt pretty good —My husband and I were cooking and caretaking (which we’re good at), taking it one day at a time (focus), all in order to keep our family safe (definitely matters).

Flow also has a powerful impact on our productivity. It’s a form of joy and it gets us going.

According to one study in Grant’s talk, when a company made two “no interruption” mornings per week a policy, 65% of employees reported being more productive.

Imagine being more connected, more productive, and more joyful. Turns out they’re all related.

Take a look at Adam Grant’s video.  Also, take a look at Daniel Pink’s similar talk on the Puzzle of Motivation.

Maybe you’ll start an online gaming happy hour with your team (I won’t spoil it, but take a look at the video).

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