Why This Moment Matters and Why I Don’t Want You to Miss It

We’re strung out. Restless + Burnt Out = Strung Out.

I’m seeing it everywhere. With my clients, in conversation with my colleagues.  

There’s a desperate feeling that people so want to move on, but the energy to do it isn’t quite there.

Thing is, if you keep pushing, which is what the forces around you tell you to do, you and your team will stay tired.  

Less productive, less balance, extending the great resignation.

That’s why this moment is important. We have a choice.

Last year I was working with a group of managers. At the start of the third session, I asked the group what “celebrations” they had. Basically, had anyone had a chance to use the tools I was teaching and did they find any value in them.

And one guy threw up his hands and said, “Claire, we don’t even have time to take a bathroom break. We are so burnt out, and you want us to work on personal growth. Seriously?”

Several years ago, I might have panicked, thinking I’d done something wrong in the course set up.

But with experience, I realized that he just needed to unload. And he did.

And, that moment of courage on his part totally shifted the dynamic of the class.

From that point forward we were connected. Not just him, but everyone.

It was a safe space.

What does this mean for this moment?

Well, here are a few takeaways:
  • Don’t be afraid of what you and your team are feeling. If at least some of them aren’t feeling strung out, I’d be surprised.
  • Surrender. Give up. Throw your hands up. Just for a moment. The shifts in perspective that can lead to big creativity need space.  
  • Focus on what you can control, even if it’s making a healthy lunch or putting the recycling in the right bins instead of rushing through.  Being present helps give us a sense of control over things.
  • Listen. Resist the urge to fix or be positive before the team is ready. People respond to stress according to personal patterns and when you listen so they feel seen, human nature will turn them towards solutions and a more positive outlook.
  • And consider the big picture. You can only control so much. If you ride the wave instead of trying to break it, you will come out in a better place.
Remember, there’s a lot of pent-up energy out there. You have access to this creative force if you work with it, and guide your team to do the same.

My best,

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