Harnessing Your Team’s Creativity

Last week my friend Karen Sachs and I had a trunk show to present her new line of handbags. We had a pretty small turnout, so I should have been disappointed. But somehow I didn’t feel that way.

Why? This article on behavioral activation might explain it. Sometimes just doing something, especially in the direction of what you want to create, helps you build momentum around that.

I wanted to create connection, fun and confidence for the guests. And we did that.

Here’s the thing. During Covid we created all sorts of things that we hadn’t had an interest in before, or at least for a while.

Human beings are creative. But during Covid, we also lost a bit of edge. A lot of what we created were coping mechanisms.

And right now, we have an opportunity to create what we want.  

Are you wanting a team that talks to one another instead of gossiping?

A team that shares disappointments and vulnerabilities instead of pointing the finger at each other?

A team that exchanges ideas that build expertise, instead of avoiding each other and building silos?

As a team member, or a team leader, what culture do you want to create for the people you work with?

Take a look at the article above and think about an area you really want to grow your team in.  Don’t try to do it all at once. Just choose one or two.

Then, think about what success will look like. And, break down the goal(s) into small actions that you can take consistently.

Having 1:1’s with your direct reports once a week or once a month, letting one of your team members present in senior meetings to gain exposure, connecting with peers in other disciplines so you can learn how to expand your team’s impact.

There’s so much you can do. And like with my trunk show, focus less on the outcome and more on the process. It will get you and your team improving your performance in no time.

My best,

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