Want More Autonomy at Work?

Want More Autonomy at Work?

The dancing leader video cracks me up every time. Talk about autonomy — do whatever you want and others follow!  The real take away is that we each have a purpose. The change agent, the “c’mon guys!” guy, those who create community and those who set norms so the crowd doesn’t trample itself. Those roles are very connected to autonomy.  To have more at work:

  1. Know what comes naturally, do it well and truly embrace the value you bring.
  2. Understand that autonomy is a two-way street. From your boss’s shoes, ask what behaviors or messages they need to ease their mind.

Friday I attended the annual coaches meeting for the Columbia Business School alumni office.  We heard about employment trends and we shared what we are seeing.  Here are a few insights:

  • People are looking to create a cohesive narrative because they’ve had so many jobs
  • Technology like AI, machine learning and social media are now part of most jobs
  • Clients realize just finding the next job isn’t enough, and want strategies for their entire career

To me, autonomy was the backdrop of it all.  With disruption as the new normal, you need a way to tell your story, stay abreast of emerging skillsets, and take the long view of career.  It’s autonomy beyond just having freedom in your job right now; it’s about knowing what’s around the corner because you are proactively getting the next opportunity.

To learn about autonomy in your career, schedule a free 30-minute Free Agent Solution session. 

Back to the video.  What I love is that the video is its own proof — after all, it wouldn’t be much without the brilliant voiceover that shapes it into a story and provides meaning.

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