Elvis on the Subway…and Last Chance for the Free Agent Year End Offer

Sometimes Elvis shows up on your subway train and you just say, “yep, that’s right.”  The universe is inviting you into a more creative space…to know that incongruous things will make sense if you just take a courageous step, ease into the void, and trust that what you create will be even better than you can imagine right now

What if you had the right guide at those moments? Like climbing a peak (or being in a certain phase of career) you work hard, then stop at the base camps to acclimate.  When the time is right, your guide gives you the right equipment and insight to help you leverage everything you know and start climbing again.

Right now I am in a wildly creative space and am looking to work with people ready to start a new climb. If you are too, I’d love to talk to you because I’m feeling ambitious:


  • First, I’ve extended the Free Agent Solution program to a six-month version. Beyond job search, I want you to develop your autonomy so you never have to job hunt again. Instead, the right opportunities come up because you are poised for them and people know it.


  • Next, I am starting my “Clarity Conversations” show.  One of the amazing benefits of my work is that I meet people doing incredibly interesting things that intersect with what I do!  It’s time to share. The first conversation will be in next week’s newsletter.


  • Finally, I’m tired of my own voice!  Please let me know what you’d love to hear about, are struggling with or is getting you stuck.


Don’t forget that Monday is the last chance to get a free month of coaching, with my 3-month Free Agent Solution program. To learn more, schedule a free 30-minute Free Agent Solution session. 

Let’s make Elvis on the train the new normal.  😉

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