Treat the System-Not the Symptoms

This year I will be delivering my I to the 4th Power program to close to 300 people. That’s pretty exciting. It’s also a fantastic resource to understand what corporate professionals are dealing with.

Here are the sorts of things I get asked about most:
  • Time management, to be more productive  
  • Burnout (from the above)
  • Difficult conversations
  • Executive presence
  • Storytelling
These are all super important topics.  

But when I think of tackling those issues, I think of an acupuncturist I worked with for back pain.

He said that treating the painful area won’t fix the problem — you have to treat the whole system.

And that’s how I ended up with needles in my right hand, left ankle, and forehead for lower back pain that was on my left side.

It’s the same with leadership development. When you treat one issue, people may try changing their behavior and a few will succeed.

But many will hit obstacles.

And then instead of helping, the intervention provides “further evidence” that they are incapable.

And that hurts confidence, increases defensiveness, and diminishes teamwork.

All things to avoid if you want an engaged and effective team.

Taking a little time to treat the system pays dividends.

I start with awareness about impact. When people know how they contribute, and how different personalities contribute, to a team, their confidence soars.

When they understand influence, so they can feel confident in interpersonal interactions, they approach those with more ease and connection.

And when they take initiative and learn how to deal with trial and error, they gain resilience that builds tenacity, and that builds success.

And when they build a culture of safety in which people can collaborate, innovation increases exponentially.

As you think about developing teams and leaders in your organization consider the system, not the symptoms.  

All my best,

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