The Success Hangover

A few weeks ago I went on a retreat weekend with four other entrepreneurs. We strategized, solved each one’s business issues, ate, drank, swam, enjoyed the spa and laughed a lot. It was the feel-good event of the season!

Two days later I was ready to shut down my practice and leave the rat race for a beach shack far away.

I was in the success hangover.

It’s the same thing that actors feel when, after the initial euphoria of a performance they feel like they’ve been hit by a truck.

Other variations of the phenomenon are the voice of the saboteur and the imposter syndrome.

It’s counterintuitive but the voice of doubt is often loudest when things are going well.

And that can make you back off of what you and your team are doing so well.

It can make you change course right when things are about to get good.

It can really derail things.

To counter that voice, my friend Teresa Sande in “Find Your Fierce” says to ask yourself, “Is it really true?”  Shrizad Chamine in “Positive Intelligence” says to Evaluate — take a look at what is really happening versus the disaster you are imagining.

And it’s funny. As we continue the long climb out of lockdown, the great resignation and the stress of hybrid work, I’m seeing mini-success hangovers in a lot of my clients.

Basically, they are experiencing a lot of wins, large and small. New jobs, travel, plans, promotions.

But with those wins come the emotional zigzag of the success hangover.

So if you’re feeling wobbly, remember to stay the course and take a look at all the good work that got you here.

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