The One Skill Too Many Senior Leaders Get Wrong

Last week a participant in a class I was teaching on listening and feedback said, “Yes, we need to listen to understand, not to respond.”  I love that.

One of the things I see happen consistently with leaders, all the way up to the C-Suite, is that they listen with an agenda in mind.

Maybe you have a strategy and plan and don’t have the time or resources to redirect. Even though what your team is learning along the way could provide the insights that will increase your likelihood of success.

Maybe you’ve been taught that you, as the leader, are supposed to know everything and listening too much looks like weakness.

Or maybe, even though you’re the boss, you have doubts about the situation and just want your team to stop putting up what feels like obstacles.

Thing is, even professionals who’ve done well can get good listening skills wrong.

Join me for a Clarity Conversation with Joann Baney, communication expert and listener extraordinaire. Joann shares the keys, and benefits, of good listening so you have a roadmap during even the most stressful times.

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