Don’t Miss These Key Elements About Bringing Your Team Back to the Office

A friend who recently moved to a new city told me, “I wish I’d waited to buy a place until I’d gotten the lay of the land. Now that I’ve been here, I may have made a different choice.”

I think the return to the office is going to be a bit like that. So much has changed. There are lots of opinions, but I suspect most offices won’t really know what’s right for them until they’ve been back a while.

Maybe some of your team is dying to get back. Others want to stay and you don’t know what’s fair.

Maybe working from home has made it clear that some people need uninterrupted time in soundproof work areas but you don’t have the real estate for that.

Maybe most of your team is suffering burnout because they’re in meetings all day, but you don’t know how to offer them uninterrupted focus time.

Or maybe remote work feels great in so many ways, but you have a sinking feeling that too much collaboration gets lost.

Every organization is different. The right mix of remote and in-person can be found by understanding who you are as an organization.

That’s something that Cali Yost, Founder, and CEO of the Flex+Strategy Group has been doing for 25+ years.

Listen to our Clarity Conversation for guidance on what to watch out for and how to optimize your return to the office strategy.

To learn more about how Clear Strategy Coaching programs can build collaborative team remote or in-person, go to our programs page, or schedule a time to talk.

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