The Importance of Rest

I wrote this week’s post in advance. And I’ll post it two weeks in a row.

You won’t see me writing in real time from some fabulous location about how wonderful it is to be on vacation. That doesn’t sound restful to me.  

I won’t write, or see clients, even though those are my favorite things to do.  

Rest for me means not working, yes. It also means creating an empty space where creativity can begin.

I decided years ago to take real rest once a year, as a way to restore and reconnect with my creativity.  

And I have to tell you it works. I come back from vacation with big ideas, big energy, and big courage.

When I don’t, I can get into a swirl of negativity, fear, lack, and anxiety.

So in the spirit of deep self-care and your courage, energy, and creativity, I offer a few ideas. Use them with gusto, or just move the needle a little:
  • Leave the computer at home.
  • Turn your phone ringer on so you don’t have to check it every two minutes.
  • Get a map.
  • Don’t get an Apple watch!
  • Take two weeks if you can.
  • Create no device periods for the family.
  • Reserve in advance — it’s brutal these days.
  • Reach out to friends along your route.
  • Try something that is thrilling, even scary.
  • If you feel tired, it’s OK to sit around for a day, even in a faraway place.
  • If sitting around IS your vacation, enjoy it!  And maybe find one experience that will expand your mind.
Have a wonderful end of the summer, and see you in September!

My best,

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