How Resolutions Lead to Burnout…and How to Avoid it in 2022

I have powerful hyper-achiever and restless saboteurs. They conspire to make me want to do GREAT THINGS….NOW!!

Needless to say, the new year is a trigger-happy time for these two.

Maybe you can relate. You want to reach goals.

So you hit it hard in January.

But pretty soon the pressure, plus the doubt about whether you’ll get there, lead to burnout…again.   

What if you could turn it around?

What if instead of punishing resolutions, you could enjoy this time…and be more productive?  You’d come out of winter balanced and peaceful, focused and present.  

And having gotten much more done.

Last week I listened to a fantastic podcast about the nine things successful people do differently. The tactic that stood out to me most is the last one: Focus on what you WILL do, instead of what you won’t.  

It’s obvious for most resolutions: When I don’t want to skip the gym, have my clothes laid out so there’s less of an obstacle. When I don’t want to eat leftover holiday candy, have juicy oranges instead.

Here’s a twist. When the voice of your saboteur comes up, and you know you don’t want to listen, what will you do instead?

When the hyper-achiever and restless saboteurs tell me I’ll never reach my goals because it’s the 5th and I haven’t even started, here’s what I’ll do instead:

  1. Review 2021. What were the major accomplishments? When did I show up positive, thoughtful, kind, or patient, even in the face of challenge?  What natural strengths did I exhibit in those moments?
  2. How can I lean into those strengths to expand my impact in 2022?
One more thing: I’ll listen to my body and spirit. Right now many of us are not quite out of the cocoon of the holiday week. The motivation will return, so for now, give yourself permission to take it easy for a few more days.

Happy New Year everyone! My hope is that you will see your talent and the value you bring, and that you’ll do the same for your team this year.

My best,

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