Do You Feel Like Dory in Finding Nemo Right Now?

Yesterday morning, and by morning I mean middle of the workday, I was walking to exchange something at the Gap after dropping clothes at the Goodwill and popping into the post office.  

I started humming, 🎶 “It’s the most (______) time of the year…” 🎶 and wondering, “What word sounds like ‘wonderful’ but means totally distracted, at loose ends or on the verge?”

This close to the end of the year, it’s hard to focus. We’ve done so much.  

Especially this year!

But with difficulty in focusing often comes judgment. And that’s a key time to watch out for the saboteur. Here’s what I’m doing to balance it:

  • Let go. Between now and the 31st is a no-judgment zone. Get what you can done, and don’t sweat the rest.
  • Savor. When you’re tired, savoring what you ARE doing is a great way to restore energy. Seeing friends, gift shopping, grocery shopping (yes), whatever you do, go slow and savor it.  

Yesterday I took my daughter to Angelina Paris (in NYC) for tea and pastries….and I forgot my phone. What could be better!  An hour of uninterrupted time to indulge and enjoy one of my kids.

The energy you get from savoring will restore you…and help you focus on the stuff you can’t put off to 2022!

All my best,

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