Engage Your Team With Masterful Listening

A while back I was coaching a team that was not listening to each other. The boss kept saying, “Things are great! We have a tough spell week before last, but the team rallied and we’re good!”

The team’s deadpan faces didn’t look that good. I could see them IM’ing each other and chuckling, doing their best not to roll their eyes. 

And when I asked if they agreed, they mumbled yes. What else could they do when the boss had emphatically declared how everyone should be feeling?

According to the boss, she didn’t want to be negative. But under that positive-sounding sentiment is a saboteur who is afraid she can’t deal with the team’s emotions.

The problem with that is that not listening is a really quick way to lose your team.

You’ll have those who’ll continue to work and burn out.

You’ll have others who become abrasive and find that you have to call in H.R. all the time.

And worst, you’ll have those who quietly disengage, then leave.

But listening well can have an amazing impact on your team.

They feel more motivated. They take more initiative. They collaborate better with others.  

It takes less time and energy to lead them!

So how can you be a better listener?  

Joann Baney was my guest for a Clarity Conversation, see video down below.

Joann is an award-winning professor of communication at Columbia. She is an amazing listener and uses her skills to bring out the best in her team.

Listening is a tool that we all have at our disposal. Making better use of it pays dividends.

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