An All Too Common Pitfall In Leadership

This week a client told me, “Sometimes I’m nice to my team, not because I want to, but because I know they’ll be more productive. 

It feels manipulative,” she added with a coy smile.

And then I said, “Here’s a secret. From that perspective, leadership IS manipulative. And that’s OK!”

We hear a lot about authentic leadership.  

However, too much authenticity shouldn’t mean that the person in charge gets to bend everything to their liking. I once heard a story of a manager breastfeeding in team status meetings….which didn’t work for most of the team. 

The pitfall then, is thinking that self-management means you’re not authentic.

What’s the solution? Start with self-awareness.

A self-aware manager knows what they bring to the table and they value that contribution.  

A self-aware manager also learns what each of their team members contributes, and adapts to bring out the best in others, in service of results. 

And finally, a self-aware manager knows his or her triggers — and how they behave at their worst — and make efforts to manage those reactions and behaviors.

You can do these things and still be authentic.  

It’s OK if team members may know that in a perfect world you wish everyone would limit chit chat and get to work. But they also appreciate that you take a few moments to check in with them, simply because you know it will leave them feeling more motivated.

You can be yourself at work, and still adapt your behavior for others.

Authentic, and effective.

My best,

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