Summer Self-Care

Summer Self-Care This summer things haven’t slowed down. I’m happy about it, but I can smell the suntan lotion and hear the seagulls, taste a cool cocktail as the sun gets low in the sky. Being busy is more draining when you feel the pull of summer. In the first few years of my business, …

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Executive Presence Gone Wrong

Executive Presence Gone Wrong Last week I reported to Grand Jury duty. Towards the of the selection process, the jury warden asked people to make a line if they 1) Had a “must serve” on their summons, for having postponed too many times and 2) Could still not serve. He repeated the instructions several times. …

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Career Confidence

                Beginning July 8th I am offering my Career Confidence course in a condensed, 4-week summer class to give you an easy, doable way to get started.  You can get rid of that gnawing procrastination feeling, relax, and enjoy your summer. If you’ve wanted to work with me and you know …

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Nutmeg and Photo Shoots

In my mid-20’s, after spending a few years in the fragrance business, I decided to write a book. I would travel the world, visiting the beautiful and exotic places fragrance ingredients come from: Madagascar, the South of France, the Spice Islands, Italy. The book would have Pulitzer-prize level research and Vogue-worthy photo shoots. It would …

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Houdini Leadership

“Let’s face it, work-life balance is a myth,”  is something you hear a lot today. And yet the more I work with people, the more I see that they are exhausted and need a little peace.  Meditation, yoga, vacation are great remedies for staying in a positive, creative mindset.  And, I believe that balance also …

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