Houdini Leadership

“Let’s face it, work-life balance is a myth,”  is something you hear a lot today. And yet the more I work with people, the more I see that they are exhausted and need a little peace.  Meditation, yoga, vacation are great remedies for staying in a positive, creative mindset.  And, I believe that balance also comes from dealing with the underlying issues:

  1. Do you know what energizes you so you can craft a career that lets you spend more time doing those things?
  2. Do you have the communication skills to manage the relationships around you so you can ask for and get what you need?
  3. Do you take action, even if it’s not perfect, so that you can stop procrastinating and move forward (not just with a big career move, but in the little everyday things)?

What would work (and life) be like if you knew what you bring to the table and had a ton of confidence around it?  If you could know what matters most so you can let go of therest and stop feeling overwhelmed. And, if you knew how workplace politics work so you could have a strategy because just putting your nose down and doing the work, isn’t working. Today’s change is accelerating the uncertainty around career, and around life. The sooner you learn to ride the wave, the better.

This is what I do with clients every day. Sometimes I call it “Houdini” leadership because it’s about making small shifts that have a big impact, without changing the situation you’re in. This week, would you think about two things that feel out of synch and are distracting you? What do you need to do to clear that energy?

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