Do You Dread Public Speaking?

Last month I got to deliver a three day public speaking course with my friend and colleagues hashtagJoannBaney and hashtagScottGardner.

The course participants sweated, their hearts raced, their hands trembled. We didn’t see any of that.

What we did see was their courage, their relief and the fun they had together.

I’ve worked with Joann and Scott for 15 years, delivering public speaking training to Columbia Students, UN delegates, even New York City Fire Fighters.

I can tell you that the nervous symptoms are the same for everyone!

What is amazing about Joann and Scott’s firm but gentle approach is that they aren’t just talented speakers themselves; they are amazing teachers.

The coursework regularly transforms professionals from scared to self-assured.

I love doing this work because it is so aligned with the work I do on building confidence.

Yes, confidence is an inner game of leadership. It is also outward facing.

If you are interested in bringing public speaking training to your organization, please reach out.

When you learn the art and science of presentation, you know how to show up and feel great.

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