A Simple Exercise to Increase Confidence

I’m working with a client who could be a composite of so many current and past clients. After several months of working together, she finally sees how smart, beautiful and capable she is. She sees herself the way the world has always seen her. And she’s feeling quite giddy about it

In that space between how we feel and what others see is a request I get all the time: “How can I show up with, and feel, more confidence in the world?”

If you wish you got more recognition at work but don’t know how to get it.

If you feel burnt out because you’re afraid to say no.

If you wish you didn’t lose your temper, or could connect better, but you just get so frustrated.

These are all ways that the confidence gap can show up. We don’t set boundaries or ask for what we need, because there’s a little part of us that’s afraid we don’t deserve it. As Wayne and Garth said, “I’m not worthy!”

Here’s a twist on the Wheel of Life. Make a pie with eight pieces: Career, Friends and Family, Health, Money, Romance, Environment, Personal Growth, Fun, and Recreation. Take some time to write what’s already going well in that space. What are things you do on a regular basis that bring you satisfaction in each area of your life. My guess is that you already have a pretty good sense of how you want each part to be, because you’re already living it according to your values.  

If you like, you can look at incremental things you’d like to change. But first, give yourself permission to enjoy all the energy and intention you already put towards doing each part. The alignment you feel will show up in your confident outlook.

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