When You Realize That You Are Enough

Last week I caught up with Theresa Spearing of Catskill Candle Company.

Theresa and I worked together a few years ago. She’d been working in fragrance development at a major beauty brand and had a dream of launching a line of candles.

Like for many, the pandemic set the wheels in motion.

What struck me most was Theresa’s realization that the inspiration for the fragrances was right in front of her nose. (Ha! I just noticed I made a joke as I wrote)

Walking in the woods and smelling the dried pine needles on the ground inspired Winter Spruce.

Riding their motorcycle with her husband inspired the leather notes in Saddle Bags.

Living near the original Woodstock and learning that the popular notes of that time were rose, patchouli and musk inspired 1969.

So Cool! The candles and fragrances are absolutely beautiful — high quality, not overpowering. I got my first two and burn them all the time.

Theresa’s realization reminded me of something I see again and again in my work.

It’s this — the pressure we put on ourselves to be unique and extraordinary blinds us to the very gifts and talents that make us special.

We think we’re not enough.  To ask for what we want, to take a stand.

And that leads to frustration, disappointment, and lack of satisfaction with what we are doing.

Seeing your talents can be tricky. After all, the things we do best don’t feel like work.

But I can just see Theresa’s Aha moment. From there she could take the first step. Harness her creativity and be in the flow of what she was doing.

Feel the aliveness and the thrill of pursuing a dream.

Realize that the simple things in her life are universal…and incredibly special.

Remember that the voice telling you this or that is not enough is just the voice of sabotage.  When you can put that voice aside, your gifts and talents become superpowers.

My best,

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