Trusting Your Energy Rhythms

Even before Covid19, it had been a tumultuous time for me.  After an intense few months, I lost my mother at the end of January. I’m sure I’ll have lots more to write about Mom. But for now, there’s something quite profound I want to share. Throughout this time, I found my energy waxing and waning in 3-4 day cycles. Even on days where I should have been really sad, I felt strong, grounded and if not happy, at least fulfilled. Other days I felt down. And I got really curious about that. I realized that in the past, as my energy levels and moods went up and down, I would assign meaning to those moods. On days that didn’t feel good, I’d spend a lot of energy wondering what was wrong — in work, in life.

It turns out nothing was wrong, it was just my normal energy flow, and that people are wired differently. Take a look at the Human Design Model. Knowing your energy flows can be super helpful in staying productive (or managing Covid19 panic). When you ignore your energy rhythm or work over it because someone or something else is driving the timeline, you become much more tired. I’ve often found that I konk out sooner than other people but that with a rest period, I come back even stronger. Now I don’t have to worry that I’m lazy! I just have to pace myself.

What a difference. And how relevant now. Check out the Human Design Model. If you find yourself having moments of panic, don’t beat yourself up. Most likely your energy will shift and you’ll feel strong again.

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