The Simple Exercise That Turned Around a Team in Chaos

This spring I worked with a team that had seen impressive growth over an 18-month period. But you wouldn’t have known it by how they presented themselves. They were exhausted. They were experiencing low-level conflict and tension. They complained that if things kept going this way, they were expecting significant employee turnover. Despite their success, the future looked bleak, like a recipe for burnout.

The first thing we did was to take stock of where they were and what they had accomplished. Not the version of things they were making up, but the real reality. We talked about how they’d grown. We talked about how their communication was mostly successful, even with their fast-moving client. We talked about systems that they had built, without even realizing, along the way. It was a collective hugfest, and once their mood had shifted they found a few very simple solutions that could significantly increase their efficiency.

What they realized is something so many of us forget. Success doesn’t mean that all problems will be resolved forever. Change invites new opportunities…and new challenges. So the next time you feel like the problems never end, ask yourself: is this new challenge is here because just before it, I did something well?

For more on how to be more creative and solve bigger problems, take a look at “Positive Intelligence” by Shirzad Chamine. Please feel free to schedule a call with me by clicking here about your role on a team that feels like it is in chaos.

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