The Key to Moving Your Team Out of the Fog

This year more than ever, figuring out how to get your team to peak performance can feel like a mystery.  

You want to mentor your team, but aren’t sure they’ll be receptive. 2020’s uncertainty has just made progress and focus more urgent, but the team loses productivity with distracting interpersonal issues. You think you know what your team needs, but you sense that they’re not going the extra mile (or yard).  

What if you could have: 

  • Resilient employees who welcome the feedback that comes from your years of experience
  • Collaboration that emboldens your team to take on bigger challenges
  • Courageous and honest conversations that allow you to handle problems before they turn into resignation letters or full-scale dramas
  • The freedom to focus on the critical, big picture solutions that drive your strategy

…Because your team is now confident, collaborating and focused on results.

Here’s the key:  Ask yourself whether you’ve earned the right to lead.  For each of your employees (or colleagues you’d like to influence more), answer the following from their point of view.  Be as honest as you can:

(Your Name)…

  • is competent 
  • is credibly
  • demonstrates personal commitment
  • has character and integrity
  • is resilient
  • serves
  • cares about his/her employees
  • is committed to my/our success
  • admits mistakes
  • leads by going first and setting the example
  • seeks respect even if he/she is not always popular
  • words and deeds match

To move your team out of the fog we’ve been in, the first step is to take an honest look at the example you set and the impact you create.  If you’re not sure you like what you see, it may be time to brush up on your skills. Here’s to 2021 and the fantastic teamwork you’ll create this year!

My best,

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