Stuck in a Job?

Two clients recently shared that they keep hearing about all the crazy change happening in business.

But their job has been stable. Too stable.

They feel like they’re stagnating.

What do you do if the change roller coaster feels more like a comet passing in the distant sky?

You’d like a change, but you aren’t sure how to begin?

Secretly you’re wishing for a layoff with a deluxe exit package.

Here’s a hard truth I realized years ago.

Life’s not a movie where there’s a scene change and the protagonist suddenly gets it.

Life is more like a series of conversations by the water cooler.“How ‘bout those Yankees? or Reynaldo?”

Life can have movie-like moments. If you are feeling heroic.

Then how do you find the courage to make a scary change?

Here’s an exercise I revisited recently that is super, super powerful. It’s Jim Collin’s BHAG: Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal.

Basically, you imagine the thing you’d be embarrassed to share.

No limits. From where you sit today, totally impossible.

What’s amazing is that when you think this big, your brain automatically starts to create pathways to get there.

Your brain starts chewing on the problem.

Suddenly stuff you hadn’t even thought of comes into focus.

Things begin to feel possible.

You get unstuck.

What about giving this a try in these last few weeks of the year. It will prime your mind and spirit around your vision, so you can enjoy more focus in the new year.

My best,

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