Keeping Your Team Stable When So Much is in Flux

Last week my family and I moved. On the first day of school.  After a year and a half.  With my oldest starting high school.

Ooph.  It’s a lot.

High levels of change is also something I’m hearing about everywhere. Companies are experiencing high turnover. People are moving to new cities or regions. And people are shifting careers in significant ways. This year, it’s as if the flux we’re used to in the fall is powered by a trampoline.

How do you keep your team stable and on track when there’s so much in flux?

  • Plan what you can. Think ahead to what might emerge and put the key parts in place (ie-prioritize the coffee machine and the Wi-Fi at the new place).
  • Leave time for hiccups. You need lots of wiggle room for what might come up.
  • Continuously communicate the big picture direction. Make sure that the entire team knows the overarching goals and priorities.
  • Course correct daily. And make sure to communicate it so everyone stays aligned.
  • Keep humanity in the space. Check in on your team, and let them know when you need support. A little vulnerability goes a long way and helps build commitment.

With a little attention, you can stay motivated and you can have fantastic outcomes…even when things are tumbling forward.

If you feel like you or your team could use some help with this high level of change, take a look at Clear Strategy Coaching’s programs page to see if one might be right for you, or schedule a time to talk.

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