Having the Tools and Knowing the Rules

During my Career Confidence course this summer, one participant said that what she liked most was having clear and concise steps to follow —  to figure out the kind of job she wants, how to talk about herself to the people who can help her get promoted or a new job lead, and what to say to feel confident in an interview.

When I work with managers, they often say that they knew what I’m teaching, but it’s nice to hear it confirmed. A bit like when you put on an outfit and turn to your friend and say, “Are the earrings too much?” “Yeah, go with the simple ones,” “Yeah, that’s what I thought. Thanks.” It’s like we are flying by intuition half the time and it is so nice to have confirmation that we are doing it right (or a helpful tweak if we aren’t). Reducing uncertainty helps decrease stress and increase confidence.

So give it a try. What are you wanting to do next to grow in your career or as a manager? One of my favorites models for a simple career/leadership architecture is “Expect to Win” by Carla Harris. You can grab one of her pearls and make that a focus for the next few months.

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