Generational Differences

I don’t often write about boomers versus millennials, but I’ve been watching “Hacks” and I’m fascinated.

Of course, it has the easy tropes, where the Gen Z character orders matcha green tea with oat milk.

But one episode had two older women joking about surviving harassment by male club managers, while the younger saw their nonchalance as an abandonment of other women who had to deal with the same.

And it had me wondering…how do you continue to grow and learn as a senior leader?

How do you accept the perspectives and innovations of younger employees, and still honor your extensive experience?

It’s a question.

Because if the older generation gets stuck in its ways, then the organization becomes stale.

But if the organization isn’t benefitting from the experience of the senior leadership, it can also get off track.

The first step is listening. Listening to understand each person’s experience. And to understand the values that are supporting their point of view.

Usually, when we really understand the why behind a belief, it is easier to have empathy for one another.  

And to be impressed by the strength and wisdom in each person.

It’s also easier to trust letting go of beliefs you are stuck in.

It is possible to get the best from all experiences. It’s why more diverse organizations do better!  And all it takes is a little courageous listening.

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