Do You Feel Like Your Team Could Be Giving More and You Just Can’t Figure Out How To Get it From Them?

A while ago I asked a group of professionals what they were dreaming about, and what would be possible if they made that happen. The answers were mostly around:

  • Getting to the next level (without it being so hard)
  • Being recognized for work that I enjoy
  • I can be authentic at work
  • Having work/life balance and being in charge of my time
  • Giving back

Here is just a selection:

“Work I am more excited about and control over my time. Work fulfillment and sense of balance, inspired, awakened, feeling motivated”

“Someone comes to me with an opportunity I can’t refuse. Be able to work out and take care of myself, less stressed, more in charge. Be a subject matter expert”

“Happy at work. I add value and am appreciated. Have ownership. Work hard and get it done. Giving back, volunteer. Fulfilled. Magical. Being open to life!”

“Reach a new plateau of success and be recognized for it. Be able to access parts of me I can’t currently access. Inspired by people, comfort in my own skin”

“New round of desires; turn up the volume. Go to the highest level; be the voice of something greater, larger, bigger than just my work and my family; Foundation or non-profit. Making a difference”

“Dream job where people really appreciate me. Prove to myself that I have great experience and a big impact for a company. Happy me. Happy family. Everyone happy. I can stop feeling like a ‘C’ at everything.”

Do any of these sound familiar? Chances are your team is feeling them too.

What strikes me the most is what I know from years of working with professionals. So many get worn out by having goals and dreams that outstrip the results they are getting. Why? Because instead of understanding how career paths work, they keep putting their nose down and just “doing the work.”  But busy work without a strategy just wears them out.

Thing is, connecting with your team’s hopes and dreams is possible.

I know because not only did I make my own career dreams come true — I’ve helped hundreds of clients do the same over the past 12 years.

I have clients who wanted to leave their company and instead figured out how to stay…and get promoted. I have clients who have gotten promoted into BIG jobs at their industry’s hottest organizations. Clients who turned around failing accounts and got the best people asking to join their team. Clients who found enough balance to finally pay attention to personal life and in turn be more present and productive at work. Clients who have simply improved relationships with their work colleagues so they can stop creating strife and actually collaborate with their teams and solve bigger problems.

And they all started by learning the fundamental steps to managing themselves as leaders so they can be more mature and better professionals.

And that’s what I’m going to talk about on my free webinar on January 28th…

The Confidence Toolkit:  How to Have Confidence in Every Situation, from Navigating Your Career to Inspiring Your Team
January 28th at 6:00 – 7:00PM
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In this virtual workshop, you will discover…

  • 3 steps to building the kind of connection that will shift your team’s motivation
  • The one thing most people do that doesn’t work, and how to avoid it
  • The secret to actually sustaining your team’s performance, and results

We’ll also have plenty of time for open Q&A, so you can ask me about YOUR specific work situation or challenges.

Why am I calling it the “Confidence Toolkit?”

Because I believe that confidence is at the core of so many of the challenges teams face at work.  And when we can communicate well, confidence soars.

It’s hard to get the outcome you want when your team is disconnected. So you put your head down and work more. It gets better for a while, then…

What if you had the tools to stop the cycle?

Take the first step to figuring out your path to confidence. Join me.

Sign up here for a confident 2020.

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