Clarity Conversations with Stephani Roy McCallum

Welcome to the Clarity Conversations! Stephani Roy McCallum of Courageous Leadership Project

You avoid conflict.  You don’t know how to protect your boundaries without seeming petulant.  What if you had the skills to do better? You could enjoy healthy boundaries and engage in productive conflict, the kind that deepens relationships instead of breaking them. Then, you could feel so much more in control of your destiny.  Today I speak with Stephani Roy McCallum, Chief Storm Rider at Courageous Leadership Project, where she steps into the storm of high emotion and conflict and rides it to clear skies.

With 25 years of experience in high conflict, high emotion, high stakes situations, Stephani has worked on five continents facilitating tough conversation on important issues.  Her work ranges from protests over energy projects to deep conversations about community rebuilding after natural disasters – and every topic in between.  She has been the recipient of numerous international awards for her work.

Steph sees a world where a new kind of leader is needed, willing to have brave, honest conversations about the things that matter.  When leaders show up with fierce courage, open hearts and a deep commitment to integrity, people can move from stuck to possible.  Stephani believes that brave, honest conversations are how we solve the challenges in our world, together.

See our Clarity Conversation by clicking Stephani’s photo.

If you are interested in how Stephani’s work can help you, go to her website: Here you can sign up to talk to Stephani and read her blog.

As always, you can learn more about how to manage conflict as part of you and your team’s leadership development by scheduling a 30-minute Free Agent  Solution session with me.  Simply click here.

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