Tell Your Story, Not Someone Else’s

When I was applying to business school, I worked behind the fragrance counter at Barney’s, New York. Barney’s was a special place, and yet it seemed that business schools were looking for Wall Street experience.  So I wrote an essay about everything I knew about the stock market, which wasn’t much.  A work friend, who …

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A Missed Leadership Opportunity

A Missed Leadership Opportunity This past September I watched the heartbreaking US Open women’s award ceremony. As a working mom, of course I would have loved to see Serena Williams win and show how powerful women can be. But my heart went out to Naomi Osaka, who was crying and apologizing for doing exactly what she …

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Are You a Free Agent?

How many of these statements can you say ‘yes’ to? I know my strengths and their impact on my team and company I know my next career move and what I need to get there I have a strong network and check in with them regularly I can have a successful difficult conversation with my …

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Bringing the I’s Back to Team

Last week a friend posted an article on team collaboration that I loved because it is right on track with what I see in my work.  According to author Carlos Valdes-Dapena, formerly of Mars, Inc, “..most of what we — and others — thought about team building was wrong…We learned that quality collaboration does not begin with relationships and trust; …

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Is Vision Hurting Your Performance?

Is Vision Hurting Your Performance? Last week I attended a presentation on Goddesses by Li Edelkoort of Trend Union and a panel discussion by CFO’s from Estee Lauder, Cognizant, Prudential, and Ancestry. Each event was great on its own. The juxtaposition brought some cool insights. First, do you take time to step out of your department to see what’s …

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Managing Overwhelm

Managing Overwhelm “Tell me how to manage the constant tug of war between work and life.” I don’t remember now whether this working woman had kids or not. But it hardly matters — so many of us suffer from overwhelm, and don’t have the clarity of focus. What has us constantly pushing to the edge …

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