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Why I Gave Up in 2020

Professionals come to me when they’re struggling to make a change.  One day they are determined, then a week goes by and their big goal is on some back burner behind the presentation their boss just asked them to re-do…. again. In the space between desire and reality is expectation. When we’re overwhelmed, expectation can …

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team effectiveness

Want High-Five Enthusiasm in Your Team?

What if you could hold on to your best talent… And shift team performance to a consistent focus on achieving extraordinary results.   Maybe you’ve recruited great talent, but, instead of high-five enthusiasm, your team feels lackluster and you don’t know why. Maybe your team is enthusiastic, but their egos clash and they just don’t collaborate. …

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Why Do We Love Thanksgiving So?

Working in multi-national companies I was often asked why Americans love Thanksgiving so much.  I see Thanksgiving possessing two important keys of emotional and spiritual well-being. First, gratitude shifts us from a scarcity to an abundance mindset.  And that small but critical shift is at the heart of so many things: We get to enjoy …

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feeling like a fraud

Feeling Like a Fraud?

Last week a client told me that calls with her team have become mentally exhausting.  She tries to be upbeat, but just feels like she’s lying.  Nothing is in her control and there’s no good news on the horizon.   “That’s no fun,” I said.   “I know, right?” she said.  And not long after that, …

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