Guide team members to contribute their best, collaborate better with others, and achieve extraordinary results.

You have a group of highly talented leaders. In today’s competitive environment you need each of their talents, plus the advantage the comes from powerful collaboration.

But there is a challenge: Very talented people are not always as mature and confident as they seem. You might get performance, but at a cost: abrasiveness, burnout or disengagement that looks like giving up. Sometimes a team’s problems are clear, but more often it just feels like they could be delivering so much more.

Team Clarity was designed to strengthen the confidence of each team member, and take teams from reacting, to driving business strategy. Teams leverage their individual and collective talents to achieve and sustain extraordinary results.

Clear Strategy Coaching will help you zero in on the dynamics that are in the way of your team’s effectiveness. Then we’ll train your team on the tools that are most relevant to their situation.

Why did we develop Team Clarity?​

After years of working with high-potential individuals, and being one myself, I realized that high performers struggle with issues that can sabotage their strengths.

  • They struggle with confidence, even if they come with a great resume.

  • They may grow frustrated or defensive when things don’t go their way.

  • And they may labor under the weight of a harsh inner critic that pushes them to do too much and burnout.

Team Clarity provides you with the tools to manage what we call High-Cost High-Performance Issues, so each team member can fulfill their own promise and elevate the productivity of everyone around them.

Team Clarity is for your teams if:

  • Even though you’ve recruited great talent, your team feels stressed out, burned out – and you don’t know why.

  • You want the benefits of star performers without the abrasive behavior that can accompany them.

  • You tell yourself losing a few people is normal, but secretly wish your team couldn’t wait to come to work in the morning.

How are we able to achieve the results our clients ask for?

Clear Strategy Coaching’s unique I To The 4th Power Methodology provides a powerful tool box to build individual and team confidence by weaving in four foundational principles:

Impact: We hear about Strengths all the time. What most people don’t do is connect those strengths to their impact on others. When people understand how they contribute to their team and the organization, their confidence soars.

Influence: Sugarcoating feedback, pretending things are fine but hiding mounting resentment: these things happen because people don’t understand interpersonal interaction. However, when employees learn how to influence others, they feel more control over their destiny. Stress levels go down, confidence goes up, and individuals and teams are more open to the feedback that will improve their performance.

Initiative: We hear “I’m a perfectionist” a lot these days. But really, perfectionism is a way to avoid taking a risk that could lead to unwanted feedback or, worse, failure. And talented employees who won’t take risks cost organizations valuable resources. Teaching employees to take risks, and learn from whatever the outcome, builds essential resilience.

Innovation: When individuals in a team have the confidence that comes with self-awareness and the ability to navigate their relationships with others, they can work together with a deep sense of trust. And trust is the foundation of the collaboration that lets your team solve bigger challenges. In today’s competitive business environment, that trust is key to delivering extraordinary results.

With I to the 4th Power as its foundation, the Team Clarity program has been designed from the ground up to help individual managers, and teams, achieve greater focus, effectiveness and balance.  So they actually have calm and confidence in how they manage your organization’s biggest challenges.

What happens when you bring Team Clarity to your teams?

  • Team members gain confidence and maturity. They know how to contribute their best, collaborate better with others, and empower their team members.

  • The team increases their focus. They clarify the vision for where they are going, and create a roadmap for how to get there using their collective strengths.

  • The team becomes more cohesive. They learn to be vulnerable in ways that are appropriate, and build trust and a safe space for taking the right risks.

  • The team’s talents become more visible. They are more prepared to succeed as future leaders in the organization.

The complete Team Clarity Program includes:

  • The Team Clarity curriculum — a suite of selected tools, sequenced to drive transformation and build confidence.

  • One 45-minute kick-off session to align the team and set expectations.

  • Individual assessments that deliver key insights for each team member.

  • Six 90-minute interactive group sessions designed to build collaboration while anchoring key curriculum concepts.

  • Private 1:1 session(s) for each team member.

  • Action plan for each team member to build accountability.

  • Monthly team coaching session for up to six months after training is complete, to sustain positive changes.

  • Final assessment to measure progress on goals.

Are you ready for stronger teams that can solve todays bigger, more complex challenges? And to leverage the talent of your middle managers?  Team Clarity boosts team effectiveness…without the friction.

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