Are You Feeling it Too?

I’m a little tired. Tired of not knowing whether activities I try to do with the kids will be open. Tired of not feeling motivated enough to go and find out (and risk being disappointed). Tired of no one appreciating what I serve for dinner, even though I’m trying! Tired of feeling uncomfortable with friends because everyone has different points of view about mask wearing and social distancing. letting go of the shoulds

Argh! It reminds me of a scene I always loved from an 80’s movie called The Sure Thing. The characters are crossing the US and find themselves in the middle of nowhere in the pouring rain and the woman says, “I have a credit card!  Yay!” Then, “But my dad told me to only use it in case of an emergency.”

Permission.  We’re often on such a hamster wheel that we forget to give ourselves a little grace. And when I step back, I realize that it’s often not the circumstances that get me down as much as it is the “shoulds” I attach to them. Right now I’m tired of feeling like I “should” be able to rise above it all. And I “should” use this time as one of transformation and lots of personal growth. It will be that in hindsight, I’m sure. But no need to attach a lot of expectations for now.

We are at the mid-point of summer and it’s normal to feel a little worn out. Last week I wrote about the Positive Intelligence work I’m doing. Permission and kindness to yourself is part of that.  So join me if you like, and give yourself permission to let go of the “shoulds” that are swarming right now.

Have a great week,

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1 thought on “Are You Feeling it Too?”

  1. Timely reminder to sit back, let go of the expectations and shoulds about this very strange era. And to offer self-kindness as we busily think how to ensure our family and friends are doing ok.

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